Located near Alor Star, this is a spot with terrain that is perhaps more rugged than the casual visitor might like, but it is just right for those in search of a little adventure and excitement.

The elephant-shaped Mount Keriang or Gunung Keriang (217.92 m) crops out in the middle of Kedah’s plain. It is an ancient limestone hill that belongs to Permian (about 250million years old) and Early Triassic conodonts (Metcalfe, I., 1981a) from Northwest Peninsular Malaysia. Gunung Keriang is the southern most of the Chuping Formation Limestone. It was believed that the regression of the sea level by 2-3m (Khoo, 1996) lifted Keriang is landing to what we called Gunung Keriang. Kamal et. al (assessed Mac09) classified at least 10 different rocks found in Gunung Keriang. This interesting diversity of rocks makes Gunung Keriang a unique geological natural heritage for further research and studies and ultimately be protected.