Lye Huat Garden, which is situated at Kubang Pasu, Kedah, is originated by Dato Lim Lye Huat BKM,JP. in year 2002. It was previously named as Lye Huat Stone Art gallery when it was first originated in year 1994. The exquisite scenery and elegant decoration make Lye Huat Garden so attractive that many people pay their visit here out of admiration for them. Besides deing fond of art, the owner of the garden, Dato Lim Lye Huat BKM,JP is also an enthusiast for natural ecology, especiallybirds, animals, flowers and plants. Initially, Lye Huat Garden is built only for personal interest. However, under the suggestions of his fellow friends, Lye Huat Garden is opened for public to visit.

Now, Lye Huat Garden is not merely a tourist landscape, there are also many competitions being held in this garden. For instance, in year 2002, there was a Nationwide Flower Horn fish, Bonsai and Suiseki Competition held in Lye Huat Garden, which was launched by Y.A.B Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia. Later, in year 2004, in Lye Huat Garden also, there was an International Bonsai and Suiseki Competition launched by His Majesty Tuanku Sultan of Kedah.